Founded in 1999

Leadership in Quantitative Management Solutions

The Faltin Group was founded in 1999 by Frederick W. Faltin and Donna M. Faltin, Ph.D., to provide strategic consulting, analytical and research services, and advanced training to leading companies worldwide. Since then, The Faltin Group has served an international clientele based in Europe and Asia, as well as North and South America, providing quantitative solutions across a wide range of issues in business, management, and technology. Our experience working with executives across a wide range of industries and business functions provides our clients with global perspective, and innovative solutions. Our combination of quantitative and management skills, and international business experience, makes The Faltin Group a unique partner to senior leaders.

The Faltin Group's practice centers on helping executives determine whether and where quantitative methods will add value, and following through to assure successful execution. Our instructors & consultants are accomplished senior businesspersons who are authorities in their respective fields. We serve not only as personal advisors to client management, but as embedded resources to plan and deliver successful and cost-effective solutions. In addition, The Faltin Group offers a full range of Six Sigma training options, including Executive Briefings, Green Belt and Black Belt training, Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma project mentoring, and specialized training in New Product/Service Introduction and other advanced topics.

Managing Six Sigma

More and more companies worldwide are recognizing the value of managing via Six Sigma, emulating the world class achievements of corporations such as GE, Motorola, and Samsung...

New Product / Service Introduction

Innovation is key to the success--and often the survival---of modern business enterprises. But bringing a wide array of current best practices to bear, assuring productive collaboration across corporate functions, and delivering a new product or service that meets profit expectations, can be a daunting task...

Beyond Six Sigma

From Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to Supply Chain strategy and the design of Transactional and Service processes, The Faltin Group provides thought leadership and unparalleled applications experience...


  • "Fred Faltin and the Faltin Group have been a strategic partner to Motorola University for several years now. Fred has helped bring analytical rigor to the design of our core Six Sigma curriculum. He was our mentor and key contributor in the development of our innovative Design for Six Sigma program for Motorola Suppliers. His deep background enables him to serve as a very effective coach to both executive teams and project teams. We are pleased to have him as a partner in the service of Motorola's customers and suppliers." – Tom McCarty, Director of Consulting Services, Motorola University
  • "We found The Faltin Group's experience and specialized training materials highly relevant to our auditor's needs - it was customized for our use and therefore more relevant than generic Six Sigma materials available from other sources - and would recommend them to other leading companies seeking direction on how to apply modern Six Sigma methodology to finance, auditing, or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance." –Mike Garber, Director of Operations, Motorola Audit Services, Motorola, Inc.
  • "The Faltin Group's help was essential in our effort to develop new performance measurements that quantify and clarify practice patterns among dental care providers. As a result, our clients can now clearly understand these practice patterns without having a statistical or mathematical background. The Faltin Group's expertise helped distill a mountain of data into a useful and comprehensible summary that delivers business value." –Dianne Rose, D.D.S., Vice President, P&R Dental Strategies, Inc.

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