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The Faltin Group’s “all senior consultant” business model assures you that your company will receive the personal attention of a seasoned professional with extensive experience in his/her field. Unlike other firms whose representatives’ principal qualification may be the completion of a train-the-trainer course, The Faltin Group’s instructors & consultants are accomplished senior businesspersons who are authorities in their fields. All hold graduate degrees in relevant disciplines, and all have extensive corporate experience in management and/or senior technical leadership roles. The Faltin Group’s consultants and partners are located throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They bring our clients not merely excellence in training and consulting skills, but personal histories of achievement in responsible positions with major companies worldwide.

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Flawless introduction of new products and services is the proven route to increased customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and profitable growth - and The Faltin Group has established knowledge and experience to help your company make it become a reality.

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